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Tourism Industry Partners, and the Communities they serve.

Helping individuals and firms, public and private, formulate, develop and implement

strategic marketing and sales solicitation plans in order to optimize revenues.

DK Hospitality Marketing Strategies

In today's fast paced business environment, a strategically superior marketing and sales solicitation plan is foundational to the creation and sustenance of competitive advantage. The efficient and effective generation of total revenue is the cornerstone of success in any hospitality enterprise, and it all begins with sales.  We here at DKHMS never lose sight of that simple fact. 

The relentless pressures of "putting heads in beds," "driving occupancy," "yielding off reservations," " what did you book today?" and ultimately "financial performance for ownership" all point back to sales.  Success in our business ultimately depends upon individual and group consumers making unique buying decisions on a market segment by market segment basis every day. And it's competitive.

Consequently, DKHMS works collaboratively with you and for you to create and implement a strategic marketing and sales solicitation plan designed to produce real, site specific results for you and your organization. And to create and sustain competitive advantage every day. 

There is no one size fits all solution within the hospitality marketplace. DKHMS brings the framework, institutional independence, experience, and historical perspective; but, you and your organization ultimately create and bring life to the plan.

"My partner suppliers and I understand that we must provide great value at a low cost in order to earn your business and your trust, and we look forward to doing both. Contact us today to begin work on your most productive and cost effective marketing and sales solicitation plan ever."

Daniel E. O'Byrne